Isabella  “Bella”

CMN Christmas Movie Ambassador 2008 and 2011


                            4 ½ Years Old 2008                                                                                                    7 ½ Years Old 2011

Isabella is an exceptional 7 year old who will capture your heart the moment you meet her. She was born with multiple birth defects and medical conditions. After 6 years of trying to piece together the puzzle that is Isabella, she was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia. It is a rare genetic disease that will cause her bone marrow to fail and will require her to have a bone marrow transplant. Additionally, FA patients like Bella are likely to develop blood cancers such as leukemia as well as solid tumor cancers at an exceptionally young age. Despite it all, Bella is an incredible little girl and her fighting spirit will show you that miracles really do exist!

Background Story

Isabella Claire Griggs was born on April 21, 2004. She weighed just 4 lbs. Her medical diagnosis include esophageal atresia, PDA, ASD, and VSD heart defects, epilepsy, mild hearing loss bilaterally, Celiac disease, and severe oral aversion with g-tube dependence. She has endured 8 major surgeries, including open heart surgery, as well as multiple medical procedures. She has spent over 200 days in the hospital during her lifetime and she has over 20 scars on her tiny body to attest to her struggle.

Despite it all, Isabella is a dazzling, energetic, and feisty little girl. She has endured more pain, suffering, and surgery than most adults do in a lifetime. Because of her extensive health history, Isabella never learned how to eat, and received all nutrition through her g-tube for most of her life.

Read more about Bella’s journey at: Bella's Story

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